Tips For Staging Your Home

1.  Keep as many lights on as possible and open window shades.

2.  Turn on soft music.  FM radio stations such as 99.1, 88.7 or 102.5.

3.  Avoid clutter as much as possible, place excess clutter under beds, etc.

4.  Keep closets clean and tidy.

5.  Place fresh flowers in your home.

6.  A colorful wreath on the door is always a welcome greeting.

7.  A pot of fresh flowers near the front door looks great!

8.  Smell is very important!  Please have potpourri displayed and all trash cans emptied.

9.  We love pets, but make sure that your home does not smell like your dog or cat.  Litter boxes should be placed out of sight.

10.  Inexpensive baskets are a great home for excess paperwork, toys, videos, etc.

11.  Remove clutter from kitchen and bathroom counter tops.


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